Memorial Day 2011 - Flags 4 Vets - World Trade Center Beam Motorcycle Escort

Memorial Day Flags 4 Vets – Twin Tower Beam Motorcycle Escort

Louisville and Indiana riders had an awesome opportunity Memorial Day weekend to escort two I-beams from the New York World Trade Center as part of this year’s Flags 4 Vets Waterfront Vigil.

The beams were being escorted by motorcycle to Louisville from Indianapolis. The convoy of around 150 riders coming from Indianapolis met up with over 300 riders at the I-65 rest stop just past Scottsburg, Indiana. As the semi truck pulled into the rest area with an American Flag draped over the two pieces from the Twin Towers – a hush fell over the crowd. Riders walked towards the truck as they took a moment to reflect and remember.

A moment to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11 and to remember those who have fought and given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, not only the past 10 years, but since America became a Nation. At that moment, the hardest part of our mission that day was to fight back the tears. Veterans and brothers/sisters embraced each other as they touched the mangled steel from Ground Zero. Some were praying, some remembering loved ones, others remembering where they were that tragic morning when the first tower was attacked. We were humbled and honored to be a part of this event.

Once the riders from Indianapolis were refreshed, we mounted up and began the trip to Louisville. Traffic was blocked nearly our entire way to Waterfront Park. Supporters waved at overpasses along our route and local law enforcement did an awesome job holding traffic until we could safely pass.

XXL estimates that there were a little over 400 motorcycles escorting the semi as we roared into Waterfront Park. The convoy was greeted by an ocean of more than 25,000 flags carefully placed on The Great Lawn – from a distance, the placement of the flags spelled USA.

XXL wants to extend a big THANK YOU to all involved in making this important event a success.
Flags4Vets Major Sponsors include: Humana Veterans Healthcare Services, BJ’s Restaurant, and Brewhouse, and Kroger. Big thanks to all the law enforcement, supporters along the freeway, Cycle Works for bringing down the USMC bike, Star180 for alerting us about the escort, and volunteers that helped place the flags. I know there are several folks that are being left out but there were a lot of hands in this and unfortunately we don’t have an official list. The feedback we’ve heard so far from participants in this event have told us that this is something they will never forget. We know we won’t.

The 25,000+ flags that were placed on the Great Lawn will be placed by Flags4Vets in Veterans’ Cemeteries in time for Memorial Day – November 11th, 2011

Photos are below – it’s hard to even describe in words – we hope some of our photos will share what we felt this day. XXL Thanks all Veterans, Service Men and Women, and those that stand behind them. It took a tragic event to bring us back together again as One Nation – Never Forget!


Here's a video that was also found on Youtube - special thanks to the guy that posted it!