Fight Crimes Against Children Awareness Ride Chrome Divas Louisville

 The First Ever Ride Sponsored by the Chrome Diva's Louisivlle Chapter was held on Sunday April 22nd 2012. The group made a fantastic decision in the charity they chose to ride for with their choice of the Fight Crimes Against Children Awareness.




We started out the morning with Muffet and myself meeting up with Peggy and Rachel and  riding together down to King Fish on the River which was the registration and starting location for the event. Getting there early we were surprised to see there were already close to 30 bikes and a few cages in the lot. After donating our stuffed animals ( The only cost to ride in this ride) we were given door prize tickets and bought ourselves some 50/50 tickets then proceeded to take some pictures and socialize why waiting for the ride to start.  As the bikes and cars continued to roll in on this brisk and partly cloudy day we were amazed at the number as we watched them come down Zorn Ave. and turn onto River Rd. When it was all said and done the number of bikes on the ride was between 110-120 and the total of people was around the 160-170.  Then a big surprise rolled in as the Just For Kids Truck/Van came rolling in with the horn blaring to beat the band...What an entrance...A special thanks goes out to Chris Crady for driving down and spending his time showing everyone what this event was all about...the Kids...THANKS AGAIN CHRIS!!.


There was a brief meeting called my Michelle (President) for all blockers and then they moved their bikes into position at the front of the lot. Then a prayer was said for all and it was 12:30 and time for kickstands up to hit the road.  Turning out of King Fish we proceeded down River Rd. away from downtown. Up Wolf Pen Branch and across US 42 we rode the back roads until we made it to Wick's Pizza in Middletown.


More socializing and some food and drink made for a great stop at Wicks. They had the parking lot blocked off for bikes but since there were so many it was used for everyone to hangout and talk without having to worry about cars pulling in on top of us.  It was kickstands up again and we were off, heading east down Shelbyville Rd. till we turned on English Station. After making our way across English Station to Taylorsville Rd. Muffet and I decided to leave the route to beat them to the next stop so she could get plenty of pictures of all the bikes riding in.  Making it to the Riders Bargain Outlet ahead of the group made it easy to set up in a prime spot for some good pics.  The stop at The Riders Bargain Outlet was pretty quick but long enough to get some door prize tickets and have a beverage. Then it was on to our final destination of TK's Pub.  Pulling into the parking lot we again were surprised at the shear number of bikes and people that came out for this event.  There was free burgers and hot dogs and then after a few announcements, Rare Breed hit the stage and rocked the roof off.  All  while the music was playing and people were eating there was also a silent auction going on.  Door prizes were located in the back room, where you would match your ticket with the item and then all the winners of the silent auction were announced and the 50/50 worth over $300.00 to the winner was drawn.


Special Thanks should go out to so many people and im sorry I dont have a list of everyone but im sure that we will get plenty of add-ons later...


King Fish,WHAS 11, Wick's Pizza, Rider's Bargain Outlet, TK's Pub: especially all the bartenders and waitresses, Rare Breed, Chris Crady, all the sponsors who donated, and all the Blockers


This was a fantastic event and I look forward to riding on any of the Chrome Diva Rides in the future...Thank you for a great day Diva's....Ride Safe


Post ride totals and info:

TKs put out 140 hot dogs 300 hamburgers, we collected 351 stuffed animals and 2 small toys, we had $177 in donations, $323 from 50/50, $944 from silent acutions and 37 from Wicks. Not sure if TK's is gonna donate anything yet and we will recieve a % of proceeds from the pic ordered from the photographer so as of right now we are at a total of $1481 and some change with more to come!! RIGHT ON LADIES YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!!!