12th Annual Sam Swope Rally



12th Annual Sam Swope Rally.....

Muffet and I rode over to Frisch's on Breckingridge Lane and met up with Kim, JR, and Barry. After
chowing down on the breakfast buffet we said goodbye to Barry (he didnt make the
ride) and headed over to Sam Swope on Hurstbourne Ln. .

Just to start out, I really didnt even want to do a write up for this event as it was the worst
organized event from the Sam Swope/Shriner's that I have ever been on. (Ive been
on almost all of them, health permitting).

After parking the bikes we were pointed in a couple different directions to sign up for the ride. There was a
very uneasy sense of urgency in getting people in and out to sit and wait for
the ride to start. There were more then a dozen other riders (Not associated
with XXLBIKER.COM) that tried to line up and were told to move their bikes back
into the parking lot because they were not allowed to ride with the Shiners in
the first group. When we finally got on the road, we headed out to Taylorsville
and made our first stop at the Dairy Queen. From this point on...we were on our
own....with no blockers or designated leaders for the group. The second leg took
us from Taylorsville to Bardstown and the next stop which was at Rooster Run.
At this point the Shiners decided to try and stop people again from leaving with
the main pack. They then walked around asking people if they would volunteer to
lead a group. Now from this point with no real blocking and some riders unsure
of where they were headed we started the most dangerous route back that I
would ever imagine a ride would take.

For those of you who ride and know the
area ( Hwy 245- to Hwy 61 - thru Sherperdsville down Preston Hwy to the Gene
Snyder West Bound then onto I-65 North to exit at St. Catherine then turn on
2nd Street. Now just imagine trying to keep a group together with no blocking
on this route....REALLY? So finally we make it to the Shriners Temple and were
directed to the parking area. Again here we have issues with the so called
helpers for the ride. They were parking bikes were they would be blocked in and
when asked about it we were told that they have plenty of BIG MEN there that
could pick up and move a bike if necessary.REALLY?

Inside we were treated to some much needed A/C but not enough
seating especially since the first group which consisted of the Shriners had
already been in gotten their food and were actually already calling out winning
pull tabs when we walked in .There were plenty of door prizes and alot of really
nice auction items plus the Harley Raffle. This ride is for a great cause and
im sure it will continue to do great things for the Kosair Childrens Hospital.
This year the ride collected over $ 70,000 which when matched by Sam Swope
totalled $159,00012th_Annual_Sam_Swope_Ride_2011_057

I will still continue to cover this event for XXLBIKER.COM but
I will not participate in the ride and hopefully they heard some of the
complaints that we heard and will make the appropriate changes and not lose the
riding communities support. If you want this to be a community event then
treat it as such and if they dont and want to make it all about the Shriners
then make it a private event and we can spend our hard earned money on other
events that actually want the general public there.